Revolutionizing Vaccine Delivery with Ceramic Microneedles

At MyLife Technologies, we specialize in pioneering porous ceramic microneedles for painless and efficient vaccine delivery through the skin. Our vision is clear: to simplify and enhance healthcare accessibility. With our innovative technology, we're making vaccine administration easier and more effective.


Our mission is to make vaccines more accessible and efficient through innovative ceramic microneedle technology.

MyLife Technologies, a Dutch startup based in Leiden, pioneers CeraMAPs™—nanoporous ceramic microneedle patches for intradermal vaccine delivery. Our CeraMAPs™ revolutionize vaccine delivery with:

  • Nano-Porous Innovation:  Featuring an inter-connected nano-porous system, they enable high volume loading and dry vaccine creation, eliminating cold-chain complexities. 

  • Enhanced Efficiency: They can reduce antigen dosing by 5 to 20 times compared to injections, crucial for rapid responses to outbreaks.

  • Painless & Precise: CeraMAPs™ gently penetrate the upper skin layers, reducing needle anxiety, and ensuring precise, blood-free delivery in the epidermis and upper dermis.

These advantages lower vaccine delivery costs, expedite distribution, and benefit healthcare workers. MyLife Technologies is dedicated to making CeraMAPs™ accessible to all, representing a groundbreaking advancement in vaccine delivery.

Management Team

Mike de Leeuw



Mike holds a master's degree in tumor virology and a bachelor's degree in business administration at RSM and IMD. With a 20 year career spanning Unilever, Shell, and DSM, Mike has extensive innovation experience in senior management roles across Europe, China, and India in pharmaceuticals, polymers, and biomedical/drug delivery. Since 2008, he's been a driving force behind several successful start-ups in drug delivery and regenerative medicine, 

Mike's leadership secured over €120 million in funding for innovative projects, focusing on people, strategy, structure, and funding. Mike's passion and focus today is on making the CeraMAPs technology robuste, affordable and accessible, especially for outbreak situations anywhere in the world

Jelte Meulenaar

PharmD, PhD

Program Director

Jelte (PharmD, PhD) is our Program Director, boasting over a decade of pharmaceutical industry expertise and a professional background as a registered pharmacist in the Netherlands. Proficient in Good Manufacturing / Laboratory Practice, R&D, CMC, and QC, he earned a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Utrecht University and held project management fuctions in pharma businesses including DSM.

In his current role, Jelte leads our  formulations program, ensuring on-time delivery of projects involving vaccine loading and effective release combining  our CeraMAPsTM with mRNA, DNA, VLPs vaccine-loaded nano-particles, and liposomal formulations.

Leonie de Best



Leonie, our Chief Business Officer, is a highly qualified analytical chemist with a Master's degree from Leiden University. Her expert skills and extensive experience in translating concepts into working solutions of consistent quality have been honed through her previous roles with OctoPlus/Dr. Reddy, Kiadis, and Skyline Diagnostics.

Leonie's primary focus at MyLife Technologies is to guide our organization in achieving our ambitious goals related to porous ceramic microneedles and vaccine delivery, ensuring the highest standards of quality and innovation and partnering these with equally ambitious innovators.

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